Application of AC Cooling Fans - Key Component for Air Purifiers: AC Centrifugal Fans


Application of AC Cooling Fans - Key Component for Air Purifiers: AC Centrifugal Fans

In an air purifier, the fan is an important component that circulates indoor air and passes polluted air through filters to remove or absorb various pollutants, achieving the goal of clean and purified air. Among them, AC centrifugal fans and EC centrifugal fans are commonly used fan types.


The purification technologies and materials commonly used in air purifiers include HEPA high-efficiency filtration technology, photocatalysts, activated carbon, negative ions, etc. HEPA filters are one of the most popular and stable physical filtration methods. HEPA filters can absorb 99.7% of suspended particles of 0.3 microns (the most difficult size to filter), effectively filtering out chemical smoke, bacteria, dust particles, pollen, etc., making the air fresher and cleaner. However, as the HEPA level increases (mostly H11~H13 on the market), the resulting wind resistance increases, and more noise is generated. HEPA filters need to be replaced regularly to avoid secondary pollution and require good air-tightness design during use, otherwise, the filtering effect will be lost. When choosing an air purifier, the choice of fan should be carefully considered.


As one of the fan manufacturers, Fulltech Electric's fans are widely used in various purification equipment. Fulltech Electric's centrifugal fans have the characteristics of high static pressure and high air volume, which can provide strong and powerful air flow, enabling air purifiers to perform at their best. In addition, Fulltech Electric's fans also have advantages such as high-efficiency heat dissipation, low noise, and high reliability, which can extend equipment life and durability.


Therefore, when choosing an air purifier, attention should be paid to the choice of its fan. In addition to the choice of filter, the advantages of AC centrifugal fans and EC centrifugal fans should also be considered to choose an air purifier with a higher cost-performance ratio and better use effect.


The following are the actual centrifugal fans used in Fulltech's cooperation cases, and the fan guide inlet ring can be purchased separately!


Model Size
UF-190APA Ø190x70mm
UF-220APA Ø223x71mm
UF-225(99)APA Ø225x99mm
UF-250APA Ø 251.5x98.1mm
UF-318AAA Ø318x154.5mm


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