Fulltech won D&B 2018 SME award

The summary of selection criteria are as follows:

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan total trade amount in 2017 was 576.88 billion NTD, which was 12.9% more than year of 2016. And total export amount was NTD317.38 billion which was 13.2% more than year of 2016 as well, and the biggest export project was electronic components. In the same year, the small and medium sized enterprises in Taiwan are still accounted for the 97.73% of the whole enterprises, which shows that the SMEs in Taiwan is very competitive in the international market. In 2017, Fulltech Electric export sales amount is also the highest in all those years.

In the July of 2018, D&B took the initiative to inform that Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd. was selected as the winner of year of 2018 for “D&B Small and Medium Enterprise Elite Award". Fulltech was surprised and honored to receive the award, as Fulltech continue to focus on the customization of the efficiency and energy-saving cooling fan and didn’t participate in any domestic or foreign awards initiatively.

After doing some research, we realize that the award is not just the public relation activities held by D&B. However, the selecting criteria go through the national SME export data and compare with the big database that D&B had, and the evaluation is based on the payment record, financial stress index, and payment index, purchasing power index, export growth rate and export amount. From more than 1.3 million SME in Taiwan, the top 1000 companies with the most competitiveness on the export amount were selected.

  • Financial stress index: The index is divided into 5 levels according to different risk conditions, the lowest level represents lower financial risk, and with better credit conditions.
  • Payment Index: An indicator which automatically calculated by system and evaluated by the amount of the arrears. The value is measured from 1 to 100 using quantitative data to measure the payment performance, to conduct long-term monitoring and to grasp the change of the immediate payment index, and to assess the business risk of the enterprise. (index below 80 is the delayed payment
  • Purchasing Power Index: The index to measure the ability of the purchasing power of an enterprise by automated calculations. The higher the value, the stronger ability to purchase products or services, and the better the profitability of the company.
  • Winning the award is not only a positive affirmation on the performance of Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd., but also an excellent credit guarantee for overseas buyers when they are ready to purchase Fulltech AC cooling fans products.

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