What kind of bearing are used for industrial AC cooling fan - Fulltech Electric


What kind of bearing are used for industrial AC cooling fan - Fulltech Electric

Bearings is the main component to keep the cooling fan running, and also have great impact on the life cycles of the cooling fans. When the customers are considering the type of the cooling fans they may use, they would also consider the bearings type of the fan to assure the efficiency and life cycles of the cooling fan.

The bearing types that used on the AC cooling fans are –

  1. Ball Bearing
  2. Sleeve Bearing
  3. Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

The comparison table of different bearing types:



Life Cycle



Sleeve Bearing

Low cost

Pollution from possible oil leakage




Ball Bearing

Longer life cycle

No concern of oil leakage




Hybrid Ceramic Bearing

Longest life cycle

Good for high speed operation

No galvanic corrosion






Sleeve bearing:

sleeve bearing 含油軸承

As the cost is low, sleeve bearing has been used most popular but with the shortest life cycle. It uses the grease oil for lubricant purpose, which will be drying over time and cause the bearing abrasion and leads to the louder noise and slow down the fan, and cooling fan will have to be replaced eventually.


Ball bearing:

ball bearing 鋼珠軸承

The ball along with the lubricant will be the medium between the rotor and the stator, which will minimize the abrasion on the surface of the ball bearing and increase the life cycles and stabilize the operation. As it is not sealed with grease oil, it will not raise the concern of the oil leakage after longer operation but may with louder noise during operation.


Hybrid ceramic bearing:

hybrid ceramic bearing hybrid ceramic bearing 混陶鋼珠軸承 福佑電機


Hybrid ceramic bearing is considered as kinds of the ceramic bearing, with the ceramic balls in the medium, the hybrid ceramic bearing is with the advantage of longer life cycle and more stable operation compare with ball bearing type. Even in the rugged condition, even with intensive temperature change, the hybrid ceramic bearings can function well.



When choosing the cooling fan, types of bearing shall be your consideration as well, which will make sure the cooling fan you choose will meet your requirement. Fulltech Electric provides different types of bearings for AC cooling fan with life cycles 40,000 hours, stable air flow, lower motor temperature rising for your decision. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us for further suggestion.