AC cooling fan Top 10 Applications_No. 3–Home Ventilation - Fulltech Electric


AC cooling fan Top 10 Applications_No. 3–Home Ventilation - Fulltech Electric

In Europe and America, dehumidifiers which are used often to improve the humidity in parking lots underground, basements, shelters, warehouses, lofts or areas with high humidity, where the moisture is not easily discharged outside, especially in winter.

The main reason for the humid environment is because of non-ventilation, which also causes the problem of mold and poor indoor air quality. "Don't be afraid of humid environment”, as long as the ventilation is good enough, it will bring in the oxygen for sterilization. Also, ventilation can also help to minimize the accumulation of toxic substances. There are many indoor building materials and furniture which will volatilize chemical and toxic substances, such as formaldehyde and toluene, it is harmful for human health for long-term inhalation.

With the air convection to bring the humid air outside, so the moisture will not stay in the basements or underground spaces.

We need to know the keys of ventilation to create well ventilated environment. Indoor ventilation depends on the good "wind convection" and "buoyancy ventilation".  It has to be more than two air outlets, including the air inlet and outlet. The air outlet can be a window, a door, a vent, etc., so there is an inflow and outflow to create the convection. If there is only one opening in the space, the wind can't be ventilated, no matter how strong it is. 

Buoyancy ventilation is using the theory with hot air will rise and cool air will drop. Therefore, it would be best to have a lower air inlet and a higher air outlet, and the two will have to be on the diagonal, forthe largest convection area.

Fulltech is professional AC fan manufacturer and provide various AC fan & EC fan. We recommend AC cross-flow fan as efficient home ventilation. The main reason for choosing the cross-flow fan is because its quiet and with large air inlet and outlet area, which can accelerate the ventilation effect, also with high quality stability and low failure rate.

In this case, Fulltech Electric Co. Ltd would like to suggest you to use the AC cooling fan which are proved the 3rd party safety certification agency, like UL for the America, TÜV  and CE for EU area, to make sure the AC cooling fan comply with the safety regulation standard on quality, life cycle, efficiency, low noise and etc..

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