AC cooling fan Top 10 Applications_No. 5–FFU, Fan Filter Unit - Fulltech Electric


AC cooling fan Top 10 Applications_No. 5–FFU, Fan Filter Unit - Fulltech Electric

The main components of the FFU include controllers, AC cooling fans, HEPA filters and the cabinet. First of all, the user will select the cabinet based on the environmental requirement (with rugged environment or not), then choose the right AC cooling fan with the requirement of the air volume, the loss of system static pressure and vibration criteria.

There are different standard on the maximum allowable amount of dust particles in a certain space with different level of clean room. Clean rooms are currently the important and indispensable facility in the , high-tech industry, like the semiconductor industry for IC manufacturing, or wafer processing, biochemistry, medicine, food industry, and etc.

Most of the Fan Filter Unit are assembled on the ceiling of the clean rooms or top of the machines to filter the dust or particles in the air. AC cooling fans with high air flow and high static pressure by Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd. are able to elevate the overall efficiency of FFU and to decrease the stressor in the air.

HEPA filter in the Fan Filter Unit are the consumables. The engineer will use the particle counter to check the cleanness of the air in the FFU area. When if the cleanness of the air is worse than the requirement, it is required to replace the HEPA filter.  However, as the staff will have to dress in the cleaning suit to maintain the FFU in a hermetic space. when doing the FFU maintenance, it is very important to choose a reliable AC cooling fan with long life expectancy(reliable life-cycle testing laboratory).

Also, cleaning room has specific requirement and standard on the environment, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, noise and so on. So AC cooling fan with less noise and less vibration will be the most important factors to the customers. ( Please refer to the noise test facility - Fulltech Electric)

Fulltech Electric Co., Ltd. would like to suggest you to choose the AC cooling fan which are certified with UL , TÜV  and CE certificate by 3rd party testing lab, to make sure the AC cooling fan can comply with the FFU standard on stability, life expectancy, efficiency and low noise.

For FFU application, we recommand AC external rotor fan series as ventilation system: UF133(72)APA(Ø132.6*72.5)、UF180(55)APA(Ø182.4*68.5)、UF190APA(Ø190*70)、UF220APA(Ø223*71). 

Please refer to: AC cooling Fan; AC Centrifugal Fan or contact with our sales rep or local distributor for further discussion.